On My Mind

Taken from my book ‘A Smile and a Suitcase


Something burning deep at the back of my head,
As I remember all the things that you have said
Churning and churning, round and round
Thoughts so loud, yet they make no sound

Your eyes tell a different story to what I hear
Something that I can’t deny, a feeling of utter fear
A lack of passion and lust between us now
I ask myself is it me, is it you, why and how?

Call it paranoia, or a simple lack of trust
Is it an excuse to be untrue, do you need time to re-adjust?
Secrecy, lies, jealousy and deceit
A twisted human emotion, uncovers a cheat

What had been on my mind for so long, is now true
Did you need to act in this way to prove what you already knew?
Your love for this man was lost and never going to last
And now only my life is torn apart, my love unsurpassed.

Dan Sheridan (c) 2012

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