Mutual Ends

So this is how it ends, is it?
You & others removing me from Facebook Friends!
What happened to “I’ll always care for you“,
and “you mean the world to me“, your words are untrue!

I know I’ve failed you in recent days,
after our time together – is this your way?
Conflicting text in emails that you send,
Is this how you treat me now we are ‘just‘ friends?

Feeling a loss and sadness in my heart,
wishing we could rewind time back to the start.
Friends cannot be lovers that remains true,
in your head you are now thinking this too!

Breaking up was hard and still is to this day,
listening to all of your reasons and the hurtful things you say.
You said “we were never a couple”¬†and so your love for me ran out.
Maybe ‘we‘ never existed – mutual doubt.

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