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Last Minute Love

Inspired by a story I overheard today! I received a card from you today Felt awkward as I didn’t realise you felt this way I made a mad lunchtime dash to Paperchase Butterflies fluttering in my stomach, making my heart race WTF! Face palm moment – the shelves are bare I looked out the window […]


We are just friends.. Why can’t we be lovers? Through our lust we make amends Tell ourselves – no hurt for others! Dan Sheridan (c) 2012

Future Mystery

I’ve had highs and had lows Happiness seems to come then goes No purpose in life – or clear direction Life learnings are not found in self-reflection Changing the person I want to be Rewriting the plan – starts to fuel the mystery Burning all of my failure & deepest fears Reinvent – remodel – […]


I stood there and watched Feeling cold – no blood rush – numb & blue As you kissed him and shared a new song I thought our love was forever true I was wrong Dan Sheridan (c) 2011

Another Day

Christmas this year is a day like any other Spent away from mother, sister and brother A time to reflect and renew Restart & refresh, find me – without you! Dan Sheridan (c) 2011


Trapped in my minds prison Reflecting upon the life I was given Time served for foolish regrets Those affected shall never forget Dan Sheridan (c) 2011


There will be no midnight mass ceremony There will be no stockings to open & see There will be no you & there will be no me There will be no excitable morning cups of coffee or tea There will be no turkey, stuffing, pigs in blankets, veg & cranberry There will be no mince […]

Reality TV

Inspired by a day dream about reality TV when I felt the hairs on the back of my head stand on end when I listened to a beautiful voice. The X-Factor What’s your name and how old are you My name is Dan, I’m 32 Why have you come here today I write songs for […]


Sometimes life can be uncertain, a lack of clarity arises in some situations, a poem to address the feeling; Uncertainty Doors closed No direction Half empty bed Love is lost Yet lust lingers No clarity An instance of doubt Dan Sheridan (c) 2011

Inspiration comes at weird times

Working on some new material for my next book and decided to share this one with you. I wrote it after a bad dream – oh and it’s a sombre piece: Car Crash A brief flash of light Before a desperate struggle to regain control Collision of flesh and bone Shocks to all senses Feelings […]