I don’t like the person you’ve become
You were born for greatness
You should learn to love me – hate less
Stop writing ridiculous things in your Facebook status!

Dan Sheridan (c) 2012

No Strings Attached

You must have misheard me dear I replied on many occasions I felt love Yet you seemed in love with another I wonder after your message If ‘no strings’ is only what you wanted Not me The fool Remember I am barren Without child I may not understand The hardships you face I understand life […]

Battlefield Fantasy

In this war it’s all about you and me Side by side in this Battlefield fantasy You take the left flank & I’ll take the right Armed and dangerous always ready to fight! Dan Sheridan (c) 2012

Mutual Ends

So this is how it ends, is it? You & others removing me from Facebook Friends! What happened to “I’ll always care for you“, and “you mean the world to me“, your words are untrue! I know I’ve failed you in recent days, after our time together – is this your way? Conflicting text in […]


I put on a brave face for you before When you left I cried for at least an hour at my door You said you did not want to cause me pain You have moved on & I realise your feelings for me are not the same I’m sat here now thinking what the fuck […]

On My Mind

Taken from my book ‘A Smile and a Suitcase‘   Something burning deep at the back of my head, As I remember all the things that you have said Churning and churning, round and round Thoughts so loud, yet they make no sound Your eyes tell a different story to what I hear Something that […]

It’s Over

Taken from my book ‘A Smile and a Suitcase‘   If I said it’s over Would you care, would you give a damn? Do you need it that badly that you can’t carry on What is it that I’ve not got that is drawing you back If I said it’s over Would you feel lost, […]

Enough For You

Taken from my book ‘A Smile and a Suitcase‘   Am I enough for you? When it comes to fulfilling your life Am I enough for you? When you need someone to catch your fall Am I enough for you? When no-one else listens or cares Am I enough for you? When you just need […]

Smile in the city

Going through old emails & messages and I came across this poem that I had written about two years ago and completely forgotten about it. I wonder how many exist out there just like this one. Enjoy! Smile in the city today Smile in your Woodsey way The only smile I want to see The […]


I’ve never been sure About anything before Until I met you A light in my sky A twinkle in your eye That sparkle in you A love deep & true! Dan Sheridan (c) 2012